ccThrive is redefining what it means to survive childhood cancer by showing childhood cancer survivors that they can live up to their full potential and supporting them once they are off treatment.

Your support will change the lives of thousands of children who have endured cancer.

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A childhood cancer diagnosis is devastating. In an instant, a child's life becomes defined by the physical and cognitive damage caused by their cancer and years of treatment for most cancers.

That is, if they are lucky enough to survive.

No longer in crisis from cancer, the needs of most of these children are no longer the priority of the world that fought to keep them alive. Not equipped to thrive on their own, they have survived, but who will help them thrive?

The ccThriver Ambassador program picks up where other cancer organizations leave off by redefining childhood cancer survivorship as a life of possibility. We encourage children on treatment to be as active as possible and when off treatment, to be proactive and persistent in their full rehabilitation. ccThrive's Mentor and Grant programs enable survivors to realize their full potential by providing individualized support and guidance that would otherwise be unavailable.

The entire amount of amount of your contribution is deductible. Your contributions are being made to the ccThrive Fund of Tides Foundation.  ccThrive operates under the fiscal oversight of Tides Foundation (Taxpayer Identification Number is 51-0198509).

Tides Foundation issues grants from the ccThrive Fund exclusively to ccThrive for the purpose of carrying out its mission. Tides Foundation is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization and has exclusive legal control over the contributed funds or assets.  ccThrive is a non-profit corporation, registered in the State of Vermont.