Support Arts Education for Every Student

Plaza de la Raza Youth Mariachi Ensemble
Student Voices Summit, April 2017

From improved student engagement to increased academic achievement, the benefits of a creative education can have a profound and lasting impact on preK-12 students. The creativity and innovation cultivated by an arts education develop into skills essential for success in the workplace and in life.

We believe every student, regardless of economic circumstances, should experience a quality arts education. Our Arts Now Campaign celebrates the districts and counties that are working to improve the quality of students’ education through investments in arts education, and encourages neighboring districts to follow their example. We equip students, parents, community leaders and other arts education supporters with the tools and training they need to persuade their district to provide students with a high quality, comprehensive education that includes a robust arts program, taught by credentialed arts teachers as well as arts integration strategies implemented across the curriculum.

Help the California Alliance for Arts Education achieve our goal of providing all California students with a high quality arts education!

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