Foster's Fund

Foster's Fund was created in loving memory of Foster Ouellette-Carmona. Foster was a beautiful Standard Poodle who had been abandoned after apparently being caged and starved. He was in terrible condition. His loving owners discovered him quite by accident, and soon thereafter, Foster was on his way to a vet and subsequently to his new home. He was so malnourished and weak that his new parents were not certain he would live, so instead of naming him, they would just say "he's our Foster" - and eventually, through a lot of love and care, he became "Foster."

Foster gave back more than he ever received. He never required any reprimand, but just seemed to know he had been rescued and was so grateful for his new life. Foster impressed every person who met him-some of whom began rescuing Standard Poodles because of their experiences with him.

After many years of being the guardian of the Scout's Honor Rescue's "Meet and Greet" adoption day on Heights Boulevard, Foster lost a rapid battle with lung cancer. Kind and generous friends who knew Foster's story and loved him as well initiated Foster's Fund, which serves as a vehicle for donations enabling Scout's Honor to rescue other dogs and cats and provide for their vetting and fostering expenses until they find their forever homes.

Foster's impact on those who knew him defies description. He taught us unconditional love and the value of rescue and fostering. His memory lives on through the incredible work and efforts of the many Scout's Honor volunteers who continue to replay Foster's rescue with other deserving animals.

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