Foster in Faith

As people of faith, we believe that one of the most powerful acts we can perform on behalf of children is to hold them in our prayers.

Fostering In Faith

Give Big or Small

Your gift can make such a difference. Check out our many ways to help, then choose the one that speaks most to you. There's a life to be uplifted. And you're the one to do it.

Pray. Connect. Give.

Each of us is a story. And the world’s problems are too big to solve alone. Together, though, we can hold each other in prayer, recognize we are one community, offering healing and hope to the left behind, the pushed aside, the victimized, and the marginalized. And when we give, it is an act of grace … a gift of our time, of our resources, of ourselves.

Through prayer, connection, and giving, we can grow God’s kingdom on earth. Together, we will build “our” story.

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