At the center of our work is what we call the N Square Innovators Network — professionals from a wide range of disciplines who work together to prototype and test creative new concepts for tackling the nuclear threat.

Each year, N Square launches a new cohort of fellows who work together to test new ideas and put them into practice. These experts from the fields of art, design, media, communications, and nuclear science work together to find new ways to address a problem that affects every person on the planet.

Last year, one team built an open source platform for monitoring nuclear activities and making that knowledge freely available. The work proved so promising that it that spun off into a new organization called Datayo. Another team worked with Hollywood’s Norman Lear Center to create the pilot episode of a show called “Nuclear Experts Get Bombed.” Still another team designed a new kind of fellows program designed to invite fresh thinking into nuclear security agencies. This program, too, has attracted a major funder.

But that was just the beginning.

Right now, four new teams of fellows are hard at work shaping their concepts into pitchable prototypes—and they need your help. Your support will ensure that all teams have the resources they need to conduct research, develop new tools, and move this issue to the center of international decision-making at a time when global leadership has never been more important.

Team (Dis)Information is developing new methods for exposing false or misleading information about nuclear activities and making accurate and trusted information more universally available. (Team members come from: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Apple, USC Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism, Skoll Foundation, MIT, King’s College London, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, Ridgeway Information)

Team Teach and Learn is addressing gaps in public awareness about nuclear issues by developing platforms and curricula designed to inform and engage educators and students about these issues. (Team members come from: Brookings Institution, West Point, Sandia National Labs, the Outrider Foundation, Guardion Inc., School of Visual Arts, Rhode Island School of Design, Cardiff University)

Team Art pairs artists with technical experts on nuclear topics to find creative new pathways for elevating nuclear issues to the top of public consciousness. (Team members come from: Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, University of Minnesota, Rhode Island School of Design, Center for Nonproliferation Studies, ReThink Media, Global Zero)

Team Make It Personal is designing strategies for making the power imbalance surrounding nuclear weapons a personal issue for influential communities. (Team members come from: Nucleus Strategy, Nuclear Threat Initiative, Art Not War, Courageous Studio, Stimson Center, British American Security Information Council, Women’s Action for New Directions)

Top photo: Trevor Holden for the N Square Innovation Summit at RISD

Our goal is to raise $50,000 to support these teams. We welcome contributions at any level.

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