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NO MÁS Soccer Ball

We say NO MÁS violence and more soccer!
Join the global fun of soccer…and support a good cause. These custom soccer balls are hand-stitched and perfect for backyard play or team practice. The ball is of comparable quality and durability to name brands like Brine Evolution and Select Club. Size 5. Interested in co-branding your soccer league balls with the NO MÁS logo? Contact us at!
Cost $30. 


The WE SAY NO MÁS tie makes a strong statement that those who wear it have taken a stance against domestic violence and sexual assault and that they will be active participants in the movement to create healthy families and communities. Casa de Esperanza: National Latin@ Network is proud to offer these handmade ties, produced by Patricia Goicochea, a young Latina entrepreneur and designer in Peru. Every stripe on this tie is assembled by hand. The artist traced, cut and sewed each piece, then ironed and packaged it with care. You can wear this tie proudly, as you say NO MORE to domestic violence and sexual assault.

Material : Silk
Color: NO MÁS turquoise and black
Hand-made in Peru

What Are You Feeling?

The bilingual educational flashcards are a tool for service providers, counselors, teachers and parents to encourage children to communicate their feelings. Lively illustrations that reflect the diversity within the Latino community are used to demonstrate twenty-four different feelings. The spiral bound cards are designed for children ages 4 - 12 and come with suggestions for adults to help children identify and articulate feelings. Elena and the Magic Beans is a bilingual children's book that is often used together with What Are You Feeling?
Educational flashcards - in English and Spanish

I Want to Tell You Something

This workbook is designed to support healing for children, ages 6-11, who have witnessed domestic violence. An ideal tool for advocates, social workers, therapists, and other caring adults, the book guides the adult and child through four sessions of activities that facilitate communication. One side of the book is in Spanish, and the flip side is in English-allowing users to work easily through the text. Domestic violence organizations, shelters, and other agencies will want to keep the workbooks on hand at all times.
Workbook - in English and Spanish.
Quantity discounts available

Elena and the Magic Beans

Elena and the Magic Beans is a bilingual children's book that explores the importance of talking about feelings. When Elena's family decides to move to the United States, she has many feelings about adapting to a new culture and language. The beans help her to express those feelings, and she soon makes friends at her new school. The colorful illustrations, and side-by-side Spanish and English text, make this a compelling story with universal themes relatable for any child. Service providers, counselors, teachers and parents will find this book a helpful tool. What Are You Feeling? is a complementary bilingual product that works well in conjunction with Elena and the Magic Beans.
Children's book - in English and Spanish.

My Girlfriend Did It

One in four women will experience Intimate Partner Violence (IVP) in their lifetime regardless of sexual orientation, race, socio-economic status, age or educational background. In response to this reality, Casa de Esperanza produced My Girlfriend Did It, a documentary film that explores IPV in lesbian relationships by highlighting the struggles and resilience of women who share the impact of violence in their lives. The first-of-its-kind film was re-released in 2008 in dvd format and is accompanied with a bilingual facilitator's guide providing definitions, discussion questions, group activities, role plays and case scenarios.
DVD. (If you would like to purchase the VHS version of this product, email
English. Closed captioning. Spanish subtitles. Facilitator's guide and poster included.

Ubícate!/Find Yourself!

This innovative film, created by and for Latino youth, draws inspiration from real life experiences. Ubícate! dramatizes four stories that explore such themes as abusive relationships, gender roles, communication, peer pressure and teen pregnancy. Youth driven discussion about healthy relationships is woven throughout the stories. Ubícate! is an engaging youth film, with Reggaetón and Hip Hop music, that is honest and creative in its approach. Peer educators, teachers, youth workers, churches and domestic violence organizations will find it useful in their work to provoke dialogue and understanding between young people. Includes Spanish and English versions. Dubbed in English. Facilitator's guide and poster included. Quantity discounts available.
DVD. (If you want to purchase a VHS version of this product, email

Tácticas de control: la visión de la mujer

Tácticas de control: la visión de la mujer is a video with a facilitator's guide that will help advocates and service providers explore Latinas' experiences with domestic violence and the impact that culture, society, and community have had in the women's healing processes. The video centers around a group of Latina women as they discuss the impact of domestic violence on their children, their relationships, and themselves. Tácticas de control: La visión de la mujer, a powerful tool that can be used within a shelter setting or support group, addresses ten topics for inspiring discussion and mobilizing individuals to take action against domestic violence.
DVD in Spanish
Bilingual (Spanish/English) facilitator's guide

Stepping Into Latino Realities

Organizations and individuals who work with Latino communities must be culturally competent in order to fully engage Latino clients and their families. Stepping Into Latino Realities helps service providers understand Latino cultures and their role in fostering strong com munication. This film is designed as a companion to Casa de Esperanza's Latino Families and Domestic Violence manual.
DVD, English, 25 minutes, includes facilitator's guide.
(If you would like to purchase the VHS version of this product, email


Buy these pins to give out to your member programs, participants, and friends so that they, too, can SAY NO MÁS to domestic violence and sexual assault.

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