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Every dollar counts - just like every person in our community.

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Levi and his mom Shelby are prepared for school and on a path to self-sufficiency thanks to donors like you!

Thank you for supporting Mile High United Way!
Leverage contribution credits with a $250 minimum, one-time payment. Please visit www.unitedwaydenver.org/tax-credits for more information.

Gift Details

$ Denver Enterprise Zone - Help increase the economic viability of individuals and families in Metro Denver. (please select a program below)

$ Colorado Childcare Contribution Credit - Help increase the quality and availability of child care in Metro Denver

$ Support a Mile High United Way Community Partner or other 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. (Minimum designated gift is $24 one-time per agency.)

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With a $250 minimum, one-time payment per agency, your gift may be eligible for tax credit. Please select the type of tax credit for your eligible gift:

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