Social Justice Fund

Mile High United Way’s vision is a community united to create opportunities for all. But structural racism is a powerful force that inhibits our progress toward creating opportunities, justice, peace, and prosperity for all. Therefore, we must renew our commitment to listen, to learn, and to move forward.

Mile High United Way’s Social Justice Fund provides opportunities for investment in impact-focused and collaborative community efforts focused on equity and social justice, education and awareness of issues affecting our communities of color, and ongoing engagement through volunteering around social justice issues.

Social Justice Fund Initiative Goals:

  • Goal 1: Align like-minded individuals and corporations around a strategy that focuses on equity and social justice, creating greater ability for impact within the community
  • Goal 2: Provide additional opportunities for small non-profits to gain funding around innovative programs that directly contribute to the advancement and support of communities of color
  • Goal 3: Address a systemic lack of investment in communities of color

Thank you for your support and for uniting with us to create a more equitable community.


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