As a Jazz St. Louis fan, you know well what’s going on in the local arts scene: cancelled shows, events that seem to be postponed indefinitely, and a spate of concerts broadcast from living rooms to park benches via phones.

It’s discouraging for patrons, but especially damaging to artists.

Analysts predict that the music industry could lose more than $5 billion during this time—impacting not only musicians, but support staff as well. Even once venues are allowed to start re-opening, limits on crowd capacities and other social distancing measures will further diminish artists’ earning potential for the indefinite future.

Jazz St. Louis is doing what we can to put musicians back to work and provide entertainment to our supporters. Season of Stream Vol. 3: Fall into the Groove is here with another, brand-new, 10 week series of concerts, packed with fresh content from local artists performing on the Jazz St. Louis stage once again!

This is our mission. And we are happy that we can provide these shows for free to the public while paying musicians.

Your support helps create more music and prevent one less empty stage in St. Louis. Will you donate to support the Sounds of St. Louis?


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