Peaceful protests have erupted across the country and the world to confront systemic racism and police brutality and violence. This massive social movement has a unified voice – we will not tolerate racism or police violence.

In order to fight systemic racism, there must be a recognition and reckoning that the U.S. is built on the stolen land of Native peoples and the stolen bodies and labor of African Americans. The systemic racism that fueled genocide, the forcible removal of Native Americans, and the enslavement of African Americans, is perpetuated by institutions throughout our society. Native voices must be a part of the national conversations on racial justice, police and criminal justice reform. Together, we can build a just and equitable world.


Please stand with IllumiNative and invest in amplifying Native voices and stories that will inform the national conversation on ending systemic racism in partnership with our Black and Brown relatives and allies. Your charitable donation will help to support IllumiNative’s national advocacy and storytelling as well as our new Rapid Response Art Fund for Native artists. We believe in the power of art and story to help us collectively see and hear one another, to heal, to unify and to help us imagine a new world free of racism and violence.

Thank you for your investment and partnership!

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