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Make women's voices heard. Produce the news that matters.

When women's voices are heard and when policymakers address issues that affect women, everyone benefits. The Fuller Project is global, multi-media organization that produces investigative and solution-driven news about issues that affect women in the U.S. and around the world.

Through partner outlets ranging from the New York Times to Foreign Affairs to Public Radio International, we reach millions each week with independent, multimedia reporting that focuses on giving women a platform in major news outlets.

Current U.S. reporting streams:

  • Economics (poverty and inequality, wage gap and paid leave)
  • U.S. and Foreign Policy (global elections, policy implications and leadership scorecards)
  • Health and Safety (rape and sexual abuse, access to care and contraception)

Current reporting streams abroad:

  • Politics, Security and Conflict Resolution
  • Rights and Justice
  • Development (including education)
  • Religion and Culture
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