A film by Gemma Lockhart

From a world of steep canyons and streams, WOMAN IN THE NATION is a historical and cultural documentary sharing the unforgettable experiences of Teena Lockhart on the edge of the Black Hills. She was Lakota, Moravian and French, an ordinary citizen in a test of will against government plans and power. She did what every woman will do. She challenged the impossible and met the unexpected and extraordinary. In doing so she helped move forward, maintain and mend a more perfect Union.

The government should not try to take your home away just because they want it or can. Yet following the 1972 flood of Rapid City, South Dakota, on a day area clouds were seeded with salt, when it rained 15 inches in six hours killing 238 people overnight--that is exactly what happened. Enter: The sovereign woman, Teena Lockhart.

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