Troubled Water

A Documentary by Will Parrinello

'Troubled Water' - When gold mines threaten the fragile water resources of farming communities in Peru, Honduras and El Salvador, native people who live off the land try to stop the multinational mining corporations from the destructive exploitation of their natural resources. Braving bullying, death threats, even murder, these grassroots activists wage a pitched battle not just for environmental justice but also for their very survival.

The feature documentary 'Troubled Water' weaves together a trio of stories of true heroism, each with the potential to inspire other ordinary citizens across the world. Máxima Acuña refuses to sell her farm to a mining operation, protecting the sacred lake on her land atop a 12,500' mountain in Peru; Salvadoran farmer Francisco Piñeda pulls the curtain back on a cyanide-water poisoning mine, and despite the murders of four of his fellow activists, prevails in getting his government to ban all metallic mining; and in Honduras, indigenous leader Berta Cáceres gives her life protecting her people’s sacred river from a Chinese dam and a Honduran gold mining corporation. Now Berta’s three daughters carry on her work.

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