The Street Project

A Film By Jennifer Boyd

Worldwide, 1.35 million people die in traffic-related crashes each year. Half of those deaths are pedestrians and cyclists. THE STREET PROJECT is a film about the massive movement across the world to reclaim our largest public spaces, our streets.

For Dulcie Canton, stopping vehicular violence in New York City has become a life mission. Both Dulcie and her mother were victims of hit-and-run crashes on separate occasions, 10 years apart - Dulcie as a cyclist, her mother as a pedestrian.

For Stacey Champion, inaction at the city council level has led to her fight for change. Five pedestrians were hit by cars over the past 6 months at her neighborhood crosswalk. While deaths soar across the city, little has been done to address the pedestrian death toll.

You can join the fight, too, by supporting THE STREET PROJECT’s Impact Campaign!


We are encouraging organizations and community leaders to host screenings, followed by Q & A sessions.

Your donation will allow us to:

- actively assist grassroots organizations who would like to host screenings.
- create movie files for theaters
- provide customized posters, photos, vignettes, trailers and promos to hosting groups
- develop a screening tool kit that includes customized press releases, sample social media posts and sample Q & A discussion points in order to make a community screening event as easy as possible.
- manage day to day social media to keep the online community engaged in the topic and informed of upcoming events

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