El Signo Vacio (The Empty Sign)

A Documentary by Kathryn Ramey

El Signo Vacio is a cinematic essay folding together a demoted planet, an MIA General & a commonwealth US territory to examine the scientific, militaristic and historic rationalities surrounding them. The film weaves the story of the dwarf planet (née “Planet X”), Brigadier General Howard K. Ramey’s disappearance in a plane called Pluto and the Air Force base named for him on Puerto Rico. The cross-inspection of these accounts raises an army of questions that challenge the validity of our collective historical recollection, most importantly: What discourses of power undergird these histories and what are the residues of these processes in contemporary life? These three main narratives combined with the historic imaginary of contemporary individuals create a multivalent portrait of the United States’ military and technocratic ambitions over the Caribbean in the 20th century. Queering Yoga is a documentary about the Queer/Trans/QTPOC yoga movement for healing, self-acceptance, self-discovery, and empowerment. The documentary explores the intersection of Queer/Trans/QTPOC identities and the burgeoning tradition of yoga through the lens of decolonizing yoga. Participants share their stories of personal transformation and healing through yoga. Queer/Trans/QTPOC filmmakers along with Queer/Trans/QTPOC yoga teachers are creating a film about our community, by the community and for it! The Center For Independent Documentary is a 501C3 Corporation. All donations are full deductible as allowed by law. Our Federal ID# is 04-2738458.

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