Directed By Deborah Craig

Spanning nine decades from the 1930s to the 2010s, 'Sally' tells the inspiring story of gay rights activist and feminist Sally Gearhart. Brilliant, charismatic, provocative and visionary, Sally worked side-by-side with Harvey Milk, was an icon to the first generation of lesbians to live openly and one of second wave feminism’s most radical voices. She was also the first open lesbian to obtain a tenure-track faculty position at a university in 1973, one of the founders of the first women’s studies program in the country, and a popular science fiction author. During one of the most terrifying, thrilling and revolutionary periods in the history of the struggle for gay rights, Sally was literally center stage. Yet her crucial role in the fight against the anti-gay Briggs Initiative has been virtually erased. Outside lesbian circles, few people know her name. We think it is high time they did. Through contemporary witnesses, archival and found footage, animated sequences from Gearhart’s cult novel The Wanderground, and the octogenarian’s own voice, 'Sally' takes the viewer on a hilarious, complex and surprising journey to discover how a “good southern girl” became an “outrageous” lesbian separatist leader and then ended up living alone in the woods, all but forgotten by history.

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