Protect Our Past

1st Project:
The coastal community of Chatham and the Cape and Islands region have been undergoing extraordinary development, which often comes in the form of the destruction and loss of historic homes and buildings. Our goal is to produce a feature length documentary that tells the stories of historic and culturally significant buildings and examines the agents of change that disconnect people from their environment and ultimately from each other, when they are torn down. We are losing historic buildings at an unprecedentant rate. Once a historic structure is lost, it can never be replaced. It is time to wake up communities to the consequences. It will be made clear that this is a national issue. Knowing the power of media, this film will be an effective means to arouse attention and stir a prevention trend.

Film Makers:
- Thomas Bena, Director of “One Big Home,” a documentary that is successfully changing minds and town By-Laws around the nation about building mega mansions. He formed and heads the Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival. (
- Oliver Becker who has returned to Martha’s Vineyard after 10 years of producing and writing shows for networks such as History, Discovery, CBS.
- Nick Fitzhugh, redfitz Films, produced “Starboard Light”, a documentary about his family’s former historic home along Stage Harbor in Chatham.

2nd Project:
To form a foundation that will raise funds to buy historic structures at risk, restore and then repurpose them for preservation as museums, educational centers or where possible for affordable living.

3rd Project:
This will be the educational arm that publishes a how to restore historic structures guide, produces a speaker series as well as an educational series for schools.

Historic Preservation experts, Eric Dray (Eric Dray Consultants) and Frederick Ecker (Landmark Preservation LLC), have agreed to be consultants for Protect Our Past. Thus the quality of content will be trustworthy and exceptional. Please join us to Protect Our Past!

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