My Half of the Road (working title)

A Film By Jennifer Boyd

Distracted Driving is the drunken driving issue of our time. Over the past three years, deaths due to automobile crashes have increased at a rate not seen in decades. Experts believe the rise is due to an increase in distracted driving behavior.

In the spring of 2018, I completed 3 Seconds Behind the Wheel. This documentary followed the lives of eight drivers using cameras and tracking technology designed specifically for the project. MIT, Google Android Auto, the University of Connecticut’s Transportation Research Center, Cambridge Mobile Telematics and other leaders in human behavior and automotive technology contributed their expertise to this project. 3 Seconds Behind the Wheel is currently being distributed through PBS International and American Public Television (APT).

Now, I would like to tell the other half of the story. The part about how distracted driving impacts people outside of the car. While half of all distracted driving deaths are in-car, the other half involve pedestrians and cyclists. Using a customized phone app created for the cyclists involved in this project, as well as portable cameras with data recorders, the documentary My Half of the Road (working title) takes a POV approach to documenting the moment by moment experiences of cyclists on our roads today.

Given my relationship with leading transportation experts around the world and their support of the first documentary, this second project has a very real opportunity to make an impact and tell a story that hasn’t been told before.

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