Lesbians in Boystown

Directed by Betsy Kalin

LESBIANS IN BOYSTOWN honors queer women who have contributed to West Hollywood while also asking questions around how to build and maintain community. The documentary looks at lesbians’ involvement in business, politics, arts/culture, and health from the 1980s. Since the late 90s, lesbian businesses like cafes, bars, and bookstores have been disappearing across the US. Angela Brinskele stated about her work at the June L. Mazer Lesbian Archives, “More lesbian history has been made to disappear than we ever have been able to preserve.” As people move, retire, or pass away their accomplishments may be overlooked by younger generations and new residents. LESBIANS IN BOYSTOWN will correct the record by showing that lesbians impacted the city from the beginning, and are still making a difference today.

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