La Loba Festival

La Loba Festival is an annual week-long event held in Charlottesville, Virginia, with satellite events planned to take place across the country. Through artist conversations, exhibitions, and workshops, the festival explores the underlying elements of our human nature; unpacking why we tell stories and the impact of the visual narrative. Storytelling comes from an ancient part of the human psyche. We have been telling stories since before there was written language. It is ingrained in who we are as a species. Storytelling inspires. It changes policy. It changes lives. It is our most powerful tool for learning about one another.

Our mission is to provide an interdisciplinary space to ignite engaging dialogue around the power of the photograph and the importance of storytelling. Diversity and inclusion are at the festival’s core. The human mind is changing, and each new generation interacts with the world and technology differently, influencing the way we interpret reality and changing the way we tell stories. We are committed to supporting this changing narrative, accepting, and recognizing one another’s preferred identities, and normalizing a community of diverse perspectives.

For further information, please contact:
Kaya Lee Berne, Founding Director

Photograph by Yael Martinez, La Loba Festival 2022 Featured Artist

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