A Documentary by David Binder

David Binder first met Gail Farrow in 1987, in the offices of the AIDS Action Committee in Boston. Binder was a white guy, a photojournalist with a patient eye and an interest in social justice, living in Cambridge; Farrow was a reed-thin, 25-year-old black woman, living in Roxbury, with a fierce devotion to her children and a dreaded fatal disease. Their meeting would do nothing to slow the work of the virus attacking Gail’s immune system, or enable her to live long enough to see her four sons grow up; but it would transform her family’s future nonetheless. Their meeting marked the beginning of a profound collaboration between Farrow and Binder that would continue for the rest of Farrow’s life, and, remarkably, for decades after her death. It began a project that would offer an extraordinarily intimate look into American lives, and important aspects of American life, that are typically hidden from view, or ignored. The Center For Independent Documentary is a 501C3 Corporation. All donations are full deductible as allowed by law. Our Federal ID# is 04-2738458.

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