Directed by Ameha Molla

HIGHER 15 is the story of Kiflu Ketema, a former Ethiopian revolutionary, turned lead witness in an FBI investigation against his murderous prison guard in war torn Addis Ababa. This deeply personal film intimately captures Kiflu’s remarkable story - from idealist revolutionary conspiring against a brutal regime, to indefinitely imprisoned and tortured inmate, to escaped prisoner and smuggled refugee, to forced migrant and United States citizen. Far from his past in Ethiopia, Kiflu settled in to a new life in the suburbs of Denver, working at the US postal service and raising a family – until a phone call sends him to a local cafe and brings him face to face with the prison guard who tortured him, and others, decades earlier. As the first and only film to document an Ethiopian refugee’s collaboration with the FBI to convict a war criminal, HIGHER 15 presents a stunning portrait of a determined refugee and his relentless hunt for justice for those who suffered torture, rape, and death during Ethiopia’s Red Terror.

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