A documentary by Ken Browne

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To thank donors we are offering the following rewards, plus all donors will receive a social media shout out, invite to screenings, and acknowledgement in the credits.

Why Doctors Write Postcard ($15)
Receive a postcard featuring a still from the film!
Est delivery: July 2019

In-Training Anthology ($20)
Receive in-Training: Stories from Tomorrow's Physicians, Volume 2, a collection of over 60 manuscripts and art pieces published on in-Training, the online peer-reviewed publication by and for medical students.
Est delivery: July 2019

Why Doctors Write Digital Download ($25)
Download a full-length digital version of WDW before its general release!
Est delivery: December 2019

Bellevue Literary Press book ($50)
Tinkers by Paul Harding (Pulitzer Prize)
Bellevue Literary Review prize winner edition
Est delivery: August 2019

Signed Book by a Writer-MD in the film ($75) (limited)
You will receive an autographed copy of a book by an author-MD,
Danielle Ofri MD
Rafael Campo MD
Irvin Yalom MD
Audrey Shafer MD
Rita Charon MD
Est delivery: August 2019

First Avenue Hospital Book Basket ($100)
Receive a collection of 3-4 books by writers affiliated with NYU School of Medicine and Bellevue Hospital in NYC.
Est delivery: September 2019

Physician-Poet Book Basket ($100)
Receive a collection of 3-4 physician-poets.
Est delivery: Sept 2019

Stanford Medicine and the Muse Book Basket ($100)
Receive a collection of books by physician-writers at Stanford - including Irvin Yalom(signed), Audrey Shafer, Hans Steiner, and Anna Lembke's "Drug Dealer MD"

Narrative Medicine Teaching Tool Kit ($150) (limited)
Receive The Principles And Practice Of Narrative Medicine textbook, along with 2-3 books by authors affiliated with the Narrative Medicine Program at Columbia University.
Est delivery: Sept 2019

Dr. Benjamin Schwartz New Yorker Cartoon ($250) (limited)
Receive a signed print of a Benjamin Schwartz medical cartoon! Dr. Schwartz, noted New Yorker cartoonist, is featured in the film teaching cartooning to medical students.
Est delivery: Sept 2019

Examined Life in Iowa City ($300) ) (limited)
Receive one registration to the 2019 Examined Life Conference, October 24-26, 2019 at the Carver School of Medicine at the University of Iowa, in Iowa City. You will also receive a collection of volumes of the Examined Life Journal
Est delivery: July 2019

Co-Producer Credit ($1,000)
Receive co-producer credit in the film.
Est delivery: July 2019

The New Family Table: Cooking More, Eating Together, Staying (Relatively) Sane
by Julia Nordgren MD

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