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THANK YOU FOR COMING THIS FAR! For 35 years CID Films and CID Filmmakers have been at the forefront of the struggle toward a more just & equitable society and towards a more sustainable future for our children. With your help we will carry that struggle forward into what may be a critical and potentially turbulent turning point in our nation’s history. The extent of our cooperative arrangement with independent producers is unique. Once involved in a project, we become totally committed to its successful completion and release. We work with producers at all phases of the project to manage project funds, offer creative & technical support, assist in the preparation of funding proposals, and to devise strategies to maximize a film’s impact upon release. Through our fiscal sponsorship program, filmmakers enjoy access to state, federal & institutional funding as well as to tax-deductible individual donations. Our Work-In-Progress screenings offer invaluable feedback with which to gauge the effectiveness of a project’s message and to address problems inherent in the film. Our longstanding support of the LGBT community finds expression in our annual Kopkind Film Retreat & Pride of The Ocean Film Festival where CID scholarships provide LGBT filmmakers the chance to network, workshop their ideas & receive detailed critiques of their proposals. And 2017 will see the publication of The Complete Catalogue of CID Films 1981-2017. Once completed, the catalogue will prove an invaluable resource in creating programming packages tailored to meet the needs of educators, activists, museums, heritage organizations & civic groups. Make a contribution towards CID General Operating Support if you believe an educated, enlightened and engaged electorate is necessary to the functioning of a peaceful democracy; If you believe that the social, cultural and scientific advances of the past 2000 years must be defended and carried forward; If you believe that the stories of our most vulnerable neighbors, our most inspiring minds and our most cherished ideals and institutions need to be heard then help us give voice to those stories: Give. The Center For Independent Documentary is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Tax ID #: 04-2738458s.

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