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3,870 Kids are Waiting for Your Help
All it takes is $6.00 for one child to eat healthier, nutritious food at school

At Chef Ann Foundation, our mission is to make sure that all of our kids have access to fresh, healthy food at school that nourishes their bodies, minds and futures.

Our goal this year was to reach 393,000 children with our healthy school food programs. With just under two months left in the year, we are incredibly close, having reached 389,130 kids! But that means there are still 3,870 school children left who need our help.

And we need your help raising the $23,220 it takes to reach them.

Your gift will allow us to help schools serve scratch-cooked food, establish salad bar programs, and implement nutrition education activities. Please donate today!


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2015 Annual Report

We're very proud of our first ever Annual Report, and all the program successes we share inside! See what we were up to in 2015 here.