Handmade Tote - $15.00

Carry a reminder of supporting girls’ education in Tambacounda. Assorted styles. Yours may vary from the photo.

Cookbook - $25.00

Learn to cook Senegalese cuisine from recipes shared with Le Korsa by its many partners and friends.

Handmade Masks - $15.00

Breathe easy and protect yourself with a colorful mask crafted by women tailors in Tambacounda.


Give a loved one the gift of supporting local communities in Senegal.

Sanitary Pads - $10.00

Donate reusable sanitary pads to women in need.

Plant a Tree - $5.00

Help plant fruit trees that yield food, income, and environmental benefits.

Fonio Kit - $10.00

Help super farmers revive this super grain in Tambacounda.

Honey Kit - $10.00

A sweet way to support local agriculture.

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